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From November 10 to 17



1. Beginnings 

1.1- KINO SORIA RUEDA It's an express film festival open to directors, actors, actresses and technicians of any nationality.

1.2- Each director must devise, select their team, shoot and edit a short film during the week of the festival, based on a particular theme that will be provided during the opening reception; the Spanish wine welcome. 

1.3.- All the projects that comply with the bases will be projected in a session in The Palace of the Audience (Main Auditorium of the capital) during the international short film festival  

1.4.-To be able to participate it is obligatory to fill out the registration form, send a curriculum vitae outlining knowledge and experience, a photograph and if you have any previous small projects, a sample to the address kino @ 

1.5.-There is a registration fee of €60 for selected directors which includes accommodation and food during the 8 days of the festival.


2. Categories 

There will be three categories:

KINO: star category in which a short is directed by a renowned director with an open theme 

RUEDA: Category in which selected directors participate in directing a short film of maximum 6 minutes duration

CABALLITO: Category in which the participants; actors and other technicians who sign up for the event can develop a one minute maximum duration short film. 


3. Rules of participation

3.1.- The duration may not be less than 60 seconds, nor exceed 360 seconds, including titles of credit. 

3.2.- Each director can only participate with one project.

3.3.- The shorts are subject to a theme, that will be announced in the first project meeting

3.4.- The projects have to be delivered within the deadline stipulated by the organization. 

3.5.- All projects which do not comply with the previous points will not be projected in the final gala. 


4. Materials 

4.1.- In order to avail of the material provided by the organization a list of requirements  must be supplied and  must  be presented in the LAB to be able to facilitate the organization and reserve the necessary equipment during a limited period of time.

4.2.- The rent of the equipment will require a € 100 deposit which in case of serious damage will not be returned, however, on the return of undamaged  equipment the entire deposit will be returned to the director who is responsiblefor each production.

4.3.- You can bring your own equipment if you wish to not have restrictions in the recording time and get more autonomy always respecting the production schedules of the rest of the projects where the actors or production equipment are shared. 


5. Permissions

5.2.- The organization will request that music and rights of all parties involved (musicians, screenwriters, actors, etc ...) are perfectly signed and are originals to not incur problems of the rights of any professional.

5.1.- On the other hand, the organization commits to request permission to shoot in certain private locations that productions can request


6. Rights 

6.1.- The festival will occupy the facet of producer, rights will always be with the author / director, to be able 

display it or present it at any festival, always notifying of their reproductions and will include a final screen in which the sponsors who make the production possible are shown.

6.2.- The festival may use the short films for the propagation of the event using images and sounds 

of the short films themselves for the realization of promotional material.

6.3.- It also reserves the right to show samples of your project in sessions to publicize the event in the province or at collaborating festivals, always notifying the author / director. 


7. Insurance  

The organization is not responsible for any participant nor for incidents that may occur in any shooting.


8. Credit  

8.1.- All short films should mention in the initial or final credits:

8.2.- Each work must add an exit curtain with the logos of the sponsors /collaborators of the festival and what they have made possible during the production of the work.


9. Awards

The prize is to participate and develop short films of quality that may obtain beneficial feedback and go far in the industry working and the learning from professionals in certain areas and from those same people with which you will experience an intense express shooting week to be completed with movie projections and a series of theatrical shows, workshops, concerts, excursions ... and many more activities relating to cinema.


10. Acceptance of the bases 

10.2.- Participation in KINO SORIA RUEDA implies full acceptance of the presented regulations, bases or rules of the event.

10.1.- The participants also accept any another decision made by the organization in any matter not laid outon these bases.


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